Villa Michelle Albergue de Animales, Mayaguez, PR
Hours:   Monday thru Saturday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM | Sunday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Telephone: 787-834-4510 | Email: villamichellepr@gmailcom
Villa Michelle Albergue de Animales, Compasión, Esterilización, y Adopcion es la Solución!


APAYPA carries out various fund raising activities throughout the year. All of the funds raised through these activities are used for helping the animals and to make improvements at Villa Michelle.

APAYPA publishes a yearly calendar that features pictures of the animals at Villa Michelle as well as the pets of friends of APAYPA. If you would like a calendar, please send your address and check or money order for $5.00 to:

Box 3537
Mayaguez, PR 00681


2013 Gran Champion Sato ShowSato Show

In February of each year APAYPA sponsors a "SATO SHOW", in which the public is invited to bring their "satos" ("mutts") to compete for trophies in various categories, including "most mixed," "most beautiful eyes," "best groomed," "most coquettish walk," " looks most like owner," and more. There are also several categories for pure breds. We also have trophies for the Grand Sato Champion as well as the Grand Pure Breed Champion.

Sato Show

Complete list of 2017 winners

Bendición de AnimalesBlessing of the Animals

Francis, the patron saint of animals and the environment, loved all of
creation and has come to symbolize peace, justice and the need to
protect the environment. Every year on a day in early October, Villa
Michelle invites the public to bring their animals of all kinds to a
ceremony in the Parque de Próceres in Mayaguez where a priest blesses
each and every animal. These have included in the past, not only dogs
and cats, but also canaries, hamsters, rabbits, a horse, and a mouse!

Bendición de Animales

Therapy Dogs

Villa Michelle has trained, up until now, two dogs as therapy dogs, Cleo and Tetra,
These dogs are certified by Therapy Dogs Inc. to visit hospitals, clinics, schools, churches, nursing homes, and other places to bring cheer and companionship to those who need it. They make visits together with Puerto Rico Therapy Dogs as well as independently where permission is given.

Bendición de Animales Adoptions at Petsmart

Every Saturday a group of volunteers, together with several dogs and cats from Villa Michelle, travel to Petsmart in Ponce where the animals spend the day in the store to hopefully find permanent homes with an animal lovers who visit the store. This program has been very successful and APAYPA is grateful to Petsmart for providing the opportunity of finding good homes for our pets.


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